Aiming to find a new sound and inspired by Bossa Nova, the singer and songwriter Felipe Lion started in 2014 a series of jam sessions, jamming with young alternative artists from Sao Paulo. Excited by the results of these sessions, he decided to create Last Aliens in Rio, a band formed by guest artists, where the only element that doesn’t change is Lion himself and his compositions. In June 2015, Teu Doce Jeito de Dizer Adeus, the band’s debut album, was released by the Swedish label Mareld. A new album, Bossa Nova Hotel, was released the following year by the Italian label RNC Music. Both albums were well received by the public and appeared in the Brazil Top Chart (Releases) and South Korea Top Charts (Bossa Nova and Jazz), also having other good results. Almost every song from both albums was chosen to be a part of several Jazz and Lounge Music compilations, released by labels from around the world, as well as many playlists created by music curators, such as Future Hits, available in Air France flights. Índia, the new album, intends to consolidate the musical language of the project. In the 10 tracks, all written by Lion (some in partnership), the musicians show they are very in tune with the style of Bossa Nova created by their leader. That style is mainly marked by modern and well-constructed lyrics, and for their 7/8 time signature, instead of the traditional 2/4 or 4/4 used in Bossa Nova.

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