Yamira under her real name Ispas Andreea Florentina was born on September 26th, in Bucharest. She is a singer, model and a business woman. Currently she owns an event & pr company and model agency in Bucharest. Passionate about travel and new, decide to divide the secondary school between Milan and Bucharest, but decides to remain in Romania. Further the 2 faculties and 2 masters are being held in Bucharest. With the rhythm running through her veins, at 7 years old, she begins taking classical and modern dance classes at Palatul Copiilor in Bucharest. Afterwards she continues with romanian folk, oriental and modern dance for 8 years taking part in numerous shows. Later she decides to turn her musical passion and talent into a successful career so for the next few years she takes intensive singing lessons. In 2014 Yamira mets the singer Mattyas and under his guidance they began a collaboration for her first single Waterfalls, composed by Deepside Deejays. Then in 2016 she released 2 songs Tortura and Mujer, composed by Mellina. At the request of her fans Yamira releases Weakest Part, the english version of Tortura. In 2017 a new song is released, Whisper, composed by Deepside Deejays and lyrics written by Yamira. Other 2 songs were released that year, her first romanian song, Fum fara foc (Smoke without fire) composed by DOMG and In Your Blue composed by Yamira and DRUCE a famous producer from Miami. In 2018 Yamira releases Drop This Beat on You, composed by Magic Juice.

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