Known as a percussionist, singer and composer of Afro-Cuban music, Valter Paiola is considered one of the finest interpreters of the Caribbean tradition in Italy on the scene of Afro-Cuban music, salsa and Latin jazz for over 30 years. He trained in percussion under the guidance of Roberto Evangelisti, Lazaro Alfonso, Ray Mantilla, Carlos Aldama, Tomas Ramos “El Panga”. He deepened the Afro-Cuban folk song with Gregorio Hernandez “El Goyo” and the popular one with Israel Kantor Sardinas. In the 1980s, he played with the famous Italian salsa orchestra Serpiente Latina touring both in Italy and Europe. In Miami, in the 90s, he played bongo with the band of the Cuban saxophonist Bobby Ramirez, performing in clubs and festivals, including the West Palm Beach Festival. In 1992, along with the "timbalero" Paulo La Rosa, he founded the Salsabor group, then released an album and toured the USA. Countless the collaborations with many Afro-Cuban music bands in Italy: Caribe, Adrenalina Son, Raiz, Fiebre Latina, Fiesta Big Band. Between '98 - '99, he was the singer and percussionist of the band of the great Cuban pianist Alfredo Rodriguez, with whom he also performed live in Europe. Also active as a composer, Valter wrote music for several films and documentaries and collaborated with Papaito Munoz, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Massimo Nunzi jazz band and Franco Califano who is the character who inspired Valter’s current album “Califano Latino”

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