Musique Boutique was founded in 2008 as an idea by keyboard player producer Franz Contadini and singer Ariella Perentin. Musique Boutique repertoire proposes a chic selection of famous international songs (evergreen and top 40 hits) revisited in "Electro Swing" and "Lounge-Chillout" versions: Smoke On the Water, Billy Jean and "I Follow Rivers" in swing version, "Roxanne", "Into the Groove" and "Rolling In the Deep" in Bossa style, "Gypsy Woman", "Just Can’t Get Enough" and "Get Lucky" in Latin mood, and so on for more than 50 songs. The show of "Musique Boutique" is thought for Social events concerts, Lounge gatherings, company events, and chic dinners situations. The band performed in exclusive events like the 10th birthday of Club Modà in Erba where they played with the Argentinan soubrette Belen Rodriguez, the comic trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, and others famous artists, they performed at the big event for European tourism meeting in Vienna in 2011 representing Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Moreover, they had the honor to play for big Italian company events like Illy Caffè, Generali Insurance, HP and others. Musique boutique is famous even for their studio works, where the creativity of the team led by the leader and dance producer Franz Contadini and labeled by M.O.D.A. Music Fashion from Milan collaborated with such big Italian and international artists. All their works are recorded in Supersonic Studio At the beginning of 2011 Franz Contadini (already known for remixing Italian artists like Nek, 883, Afrika Bambaataa, Anastacia, Alice, Mietta, Pitura Freska, Dj Francesco, Joe T Vannelli, etc) had the idea of remixing in Bossanova version the hit of the moment “Tutto l’amore che ho” by the Italian singer Jovanotti from the album Ora. Jovanotti and his team had a great impression about it and Universal Record Label made it official, it became a hit and the biggest Italian radios programmed it in their playlists (Radio DeeJay, Radio Monte Carlo, Radio 101, etc). Since that moment Franz Contadini and Jovanotti started a collaboration that realized 5 remixes, 2 lounge version as Musique Boutique (Tutto l’amore che ho and La notte dei desideri) and 3 dance version (Tutto l’amore che ho, Io danzo and Il più grande spettacolo dopo il Big Bang). In the between Musique boutique remixed the famous 90's song “Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters who sang once again in the studio the new version directly in New York City. In June 2012 Musique Boutique published their first album titled “C’est Chic” that contains the remixes of Jovanotti and Crystal Waters and in July same year Franz Contadini published even the house remix of Gypsy woman who reaches the 1st place in Beatport House chart. It will be a success all over the world. On 27th November 2012, Universal published “Back Up 1987-2012” the 25 years career collection of the artist Jovanotti with the lounge remix Tutto l’amore che ho by Musique Boutique. In December 2012 Radio Montecarlo inserts the Musique Boutique smooth funk remix of the famous 70 songs “Venus” in the compilation “New Classics vol. 6” and at the end of the same year a new remix for Jovanotti comes out: “Tensione Evolutiva” Bossa version very appreciated from the artist and his label. In September 2013 worked on the jingles for the Radio Montecarlo show “Monte Carlo Nights” leaded by Nick the Nightfly and at the end of November Universal ask the team to remix the new hit by Zucchero “Quale Senso Abbiamo Noi” (Lounge and electronic versions), for that occasion Universal published an EP with those remixes. On February 2014 the band has been invited at the radio Montecarlo show “Montecarlo Nights” by Nick the Nightfly, here the links: In June 2014 has been published the first original single by Muisque Boutique “Come Closer”, an electro swing composition, here the link for the video

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