“I feel pure ecstasy of life. Instead of waiting for my luck, I live life and let my pulse push me forward”. Following her feelings, Kery plays with the many faces of pop music. She proves that she has no fear of change. It’s the opposite. Since her last metamorphosis she charges her songs with powerful electronic beats or presents them as intimate emotional acoustic version. Always embodied: her own pulse that swings in her tones, powerful and authentic. It seems like her music is echoing her innermost self. More about KERY FAY: singer, songwriter and keyboarder from Kiev / Ukraine lives in Germany since she's 13 years old. She toured with her band through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and played shows in Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Bucharest, Kiev, Tel-Aviv and Zurich, where she was one of the headliner at the Zurich Pride Festival 2016. KERY FAY released her first album "Lights & Shadows" at the 8th. of Februar 2019 via A45 music and Kontor New Music distribution. 11 Electro-pop songs show her musical power and 4 acoustic versions show her wonderful talent as artist and vocalist. The songs were recorded in various famous studios like the Quad studios in New York City where also Beyonce, Coldplay and Sam Smith recorded some of their hits, also Dave Roz worked with Kery together for the recording of her single