The pandemic destroyed a lot, but in some cases gave good ideas. Being locked down as a musician didn’t give many opportunities but playing at home. The singer Enrico “Erk” Scutti, at the beginning of it all, started to get in touch with musicians he knew or had been in touch with, as he had the idea of putting together a new band while being locked down. The band took shape: Antonio Aronne, drummer of a band they’ve been playing together, was the first one, then guitarist Davide Rinaldi and bass player Alice “Lane” Pandini followed. They put together some demos written with the Grammy nominated Danish producer Jacob Hansen that Enrico then took to Francesco “Frank” Altare, supposed to be the final producer and mixing engineer, who, when started to work on the material, thought “This is too f**ing good. I want to join the band!”…and the second guitar was found. This is how Iconist took shape.

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