Iconic Italian "electro lounge / electro jazz" duo GABIN, named after a legendary French actor, has entertained their Mediterranean (and worldwide) audience in more than 15 years, with their awesome music. You might not be able to point to a song title or a melody from their production - but listen to "La Maison", "Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap", "Un Histoire D'amour", "Bang Bang to the Rock n' Roll" - you'll nod in appreciation. Filippo Clary & Massimo Bottini' music ( Gabin ) has led to cooperations with Chris Cornell, Dee Dee Bridgewater, China Moses, Edwin Collins among lots of others. The first two albums, Gabin and Mr.Freedom have been released in over 30 countries including the USA, France, Australia, Gabin's music crosses national borders and requires the attention of an audience in search of refined sounds and atmospheres. Many of the songs have been requested for use in advertising campaigns by major international brands, including worth mentioning: - Polaroid (U.S. & Canada) HBO (USA) Pantene (USA / SOUTH AFRICA) - Renault-Samsung (Korea) It's impossible to list the countless compilations all over the world that require and publish excerpts from Gabin (Hotel Costes / Milan Fashion / Crop Marks / Montecarlo Nights) among many. Gabin has been catapulted into the international scene and Mr. Freedom has seen the extraordinary participation of one of the most important voices of the jazz world, that of award-winning Grammy and Tony Awards: Dee Dee Bridgewater protagonist of the hit single Into My Soul The culmination of this success comes with the inclusion of Into My Soul in the soundtrack of the Hollywood blockbuster Monster in Law with Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. But this is not the only excerpts from Mr. Freedom to be demanded by the silver screen for even a second single, Bang Bang to the Rock 'n Roll has been required and included in the film Fantastic 4 consecrating the international status of the duo who started to get requests for the use of their songs for some of the most important American fiction series: - Six Feet Under, - Sex in the City, - Gray's Anatomy, - Six Degrees and Ugly Betty on ABC TV. In terms of music production Gabin have taken part in the U.S. Capitol tribute double-album dedicate to Peggy Lee as the only guests who have been granted the privilege of yielding to the historic Fever using for the first time in the history of the Capitol Masters the original tracks of the timeless success. This remix has been further inserted in the compilation of tribute to Henry Mancini and his soundtrack of Pink Panther. Gabin also worked on the remix of Blue Note artist Marc Moulin, for which they revisited his hit Into the Dark with a special edition published by the prestigious jazz label

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