FabLab are Alessandro Ranzani, Giovanni Frigo and Gianluca Battaglion. They are past and present members of the Italian rock band Movida, which was founded in the mid-1990s. All FabLab band members have also been involved in Rezophonic, a music charity project. Gianluca and Giovanni have worked with Italian artists such as Jovanotti and Gianluca Grignani. Alessandro is based in London. All songs on their second album name "Two" have been written in English. The songs range from those with a distinct rock vibe to some softer and more intimate tracks. The sound relies heavily on synths and guitars to give rhythmic shape with vocals and lyrics used for storytelling and imbue cinematic imagery. The album has international appeal, and some songs, such as the first single "Like Waves" as well as "T-Love" and "Tightrope", have definite radio airplay potential. The decision to produce this album exclusively in English was a natural artistic progression for FabLab. It will offer opportunities to reach a much wider international audience.

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