Darine was born in Tripoli, Lebanon 1983 to a Lebanese father and Romanian mother. Darine's "Aiwa" was released in the summer of 2004. After, Darine released her album Ma Rulez, which included two versions of the song "Aiwa" along with 18 new tracks. The album included "Ja Leily" (pronounced "Ya Leily"). This was Darine's second single. The album was re-issued for the European region which had a different cover that included more English songs. Darine released a second album in 2006 which was titled My Compliments. The first single of this album was called "Ma Fi Ella Enta" and the album generally received good reviews. However, Darine was going through management changes and she changed her management label and she did not continue to promote her second album. Since then Darine has been absent from the music industry she did a few tracks independently and she has been aiming to make a comeback.

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