Filippo Clary's artistic adventure spans more than 30 years, from Italo disco dance floor of the 80s, to the epiphany of rap, to house and dance, with the ear and the animates constantly addressed to the different declinations of black musical culture. Clary and Massimo Bottini created Gabin and gained lots of achievement together. Their first two albums was released over 30 countries including the USA, France, Australia, Gabin's music crosses national borders and requires the attention of an audience in search of refined sounds and atmospheres. During that time, not only his melodic sensitivity was amplified but also his sense of the versatility of musical language was enhanced and developed through collaborations with his teammate and many talented artists such as Dee Dee Bridgewater or Chris Cornell. In the last few years, Clary has dedicated himself to the production of tracks that represent different moods, with the complicity of artists such as Z-Star or Mozez, and new encounters, such as the Dutch singer-songwriter - Merel Van Dijk and the very Italian FJD. His role as a producer has been increasingly and significantly defined in this period. Clary started his solo journey then with the album "Clary" marking a new milestone that expressed his diverse adventure with different kind of music. Find the album below to deeply feel his music!

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